Creative Business

So you have decided to start a blog for your business to market itself and move forward, but do not know where and how to get started. You are not alone in this there are many creative business entrepreneurs who do not have the right knowledge to start with. So here we are providing you with few easy tips to ensure you build a proper blog from the beginning.

  • Identify why you want a blog

This is important because it is closely related to your business goals. If you are looking to get immediate sales through your blog from the beginning then look elsewhere. Blogging and content marketing is a long-term commitment and requires you to be patient. So you need to be clear on why you want to start a blog, whether it is to build credibility, engage with your audience, drive traffic, boost your search profile, garner sales or monetise view ship from ads or sponsors. What you decide will affect the content you write and put out and how you decide to run it. Writing a blog without an intentional bottom line can be disastrous and a waste of valuable time.

  • Select your niche

Knowing exactly to whom you are serving is critical in ensuring you get a return on your efforts. Typically, the niche will be tied very closely to your business and expertise. You need to know about your audience their age, gender, what problems they face and then decide on the blog that offers the solution to those problems. You also need to research on the keywords and know about your competitors as well. You need to be specific when targeting the audience.

  • Setup the blog site

Similar to selecting a business name and domain to increase brand awareness, you need to select a subdomain for your blog. There are usually two choices like or This is an essential step for search engine optimisation because sub-domains are considered to be separate websites when indexed by search engines.

These are few of the tips to help you start a blog for your business.