Wear Vintage in Style in Every Season

Jan 27, 2016 |

From floral prints to polka dots, sheer draped one piece garments to plaids, vintage clothing has many design elements that are incorporated into dresses of different styles. One-piece garments made in a variety of prints, patterns, and embellishments depict the vintage style of clothing. The lacy A-lines, cap sleeves, crochet necklines, corsages, waist bows, and turn down collars in double colors make for the most stylized vintage clothing.  Solid or pastel colored one-piece garments, midi dresses, polka prints and bodycon dresses are typically the types of vintage clothing that will always stay in vogue.

The full sleeved tartan prints, high waist skirts with fitted solid color blouses and a bonnet, rhinestone and crystal embellishments on the necklines, shoulders, or sleeves of the clothing is what makes vintage clothing so suave and a winner for any occasion. If you are even confused about what to wear for a formal occasion, use a vintage garment that is solid color, peep toe shoes, and an embellished clutch bag. Bring on the scoop necks, batwing sleeves, and v-necklines. Smocking patterns and ruffles are just a few things to get started onto the style of vintage fashion. Never forget the scarlet lip color and deep black eye liner that look just right with these clothes. If you stay in the Brunswick, chances are you won’t have a hard time finding the aforementioned garments, and at highly discounted rates as well.

Be a Retro Star Buying from Popular Brunswick Vintage Clothing

Jan 11, 2016 | | Say something

Wear the 70’s and 80’s fashion for work or any other event; you are sure to turn heads around. Rewind your fashion memories and stay stylish with vintage clothes and accessories. When you buy these pieces from garage sale or antique auctions, you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece as these fabrics and patterns are hard to find in commercial or retail clothing stores. Right from tops and tees for girls and boys, all retro and vintage clothing brings out an era in style that has an archetype quality. This quintessential clothing has multiple patterns for sleeves, collars, necklines, hems, and all kinds of couture finishes.

The finishing of the clothes and the style of hemlines can easily differentiate vintage from casual clothing. Every bit of the vintage garment is styled keeping fashion and style elements in mind. Skirts, coats, evening dresses, and even sweaters that are vintage styled are easily available in stores at Brunswick Denim jumpsuits, cargo pants in solid colours teamed up with a tee give the most authentic retro, or the vintage look. If you want to create the vintage look easily, you only have to look for denims, skirts, one piece dresses